Study Abroad

End to end travel solutions for universities and education consultancies.


Transworld has been providing end to end air travel solution to students and to leading global education consultants in India for over two decades. We have an outstanding record of handling student travel right form an individual student to large groups of two hundred students per flight to various destinations. At present our forte has been students and consultancies pursuing education in China, Philippines and Belize. Though student travel to these countries have out of ordinary visa and ticketing requirements, we have successfully made arrangements and continue to provide travel solutions that are specially designed for such student and consultancies.

Osmania University's preferred travel agent.

Transworld has been proudly providing the students and faculty of Osmania university assistance with their official travel requirements. All students and professors official travel accounts are handled by Transworld highly experienced dedicated travel consultants. All Head of Departments for all faculties at Osmania university prefer Transworld as their travel agent as they have experienced unparalleled commitment, consistency and deduced service from us. And it's with honor that we at Transworld continue to serve and please our esteemed clients


International student placement services.

As we continue to serve the education industry with end to end travel solutions we are also currently pursuing tie ups with universities in United States, Ireland and Australia which will provide the right guide for better prospects for all the international education needs ranging from decision making to arriving to the country of the students choice. Our vision to guide the young talent to the right direction so that the energies get channelized in a positive direction and yield an educated society.